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Lady gets ARB Air Lockers

The front D30 locker was pretty much a carbon copy of the rear locker.  Except for a few measurements, the process was a repeat of the rear locker.  The only real difference was that things were a little bit smaller this time around.  I'll forgo the details of the D30 install and include a couple more pictures of things I kind of shot out of sequence, shot pics of parts from the work bench, etc.

This one looks positively disgusting!  The front D30 with a Detroit Truetrac freshly removed.  Blue RTV still on the sealing surface, etc.  This was the first chance I got to see the pinion gear on the D30.  It was quite a bit smaller than the D44's.  A truck being worked on near the bay my TJ was in had a pinion gear that looked to be the size of a softball (or there abouts).  Donnie was explaining to me that this unfortunate guy was re-gearing his pickup truck.  The gear set was better than $900.  (I guess that is what you get when your pinion is as big as a softball!)


A picture of the jet washer that Donnie was using to clean up my old locker and the ring gears.  He had just opened it and you can see the steam rolling out of the top of the door.  It did a  really nice job, for sure.  It also made for a "no mess" trip home with the Detroits all nice and cleaned up.  No oozing oil leaking through the cardboard box and onto the floor.


Donnie uses a low speed scuffing pad to break up the finish a bit so the RTV will bond better.  I will continue to think that this is a really great idea until it is time for me to scrape the RTV off of the diff in a year.  Oh well!


Ever look down the business end of an ARB?  Donnie "popped the top" on one of mine to show me what it looks like.  Check out the side gears in there.  Everything is still nice and clean.  


Another picture of the inner working of the ARB air locker.  The compressed air activates a piston built into the differential and locks the side gears via the locking gear.  Small springs push the locking gear to the disengaged position when the air pressure is removed.


That tiny little hole is where the air passes from the metal tube and into the seal housing.  Not really all that big, is it?  You don't require much volume to actuate the air locker, just a bit of 90 pound air. that photo is!   I knew I had a picture of Donnie.  

A big THANKS to Donnie and Steve at 4 Wheeler's Supply for letting me ask a thousand questions, take pictures, and generally be a nuisance of myself for a good part of their day.  Their customer service was second to none, in my opinion.   I had my Detroit hardware installed there two years ago and I enjoyed trouble free use since day one.  I look forward to many years from my ARBs as well.  I can not recommend 4 Wheeler's Supply enough!  Likewise, a big thank you to Jim at ARB USA for his significant help in getting this project off of the ground! 

Thanks guys!





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