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Safari Straps TJ Cage Nets

Nets for your you need them?  Sure you do for a couple of reasons.  First reason, they look good.  I've not met all that many Jeepers who don't take seriously the look of their rigs.  And the truth be told, I like the look myself. 

Another reason....keeping your gear in place.  They really do a good job of helping to ensure your gear, pieces, and parts don't go here and there when you least expect it. 

Here are a few times where cage nets can help ensure your stuff stays put!  After all, do we really plan on these things happening?  (ok, so some of us do....)

I'll admit, I had several minutes advance notice before I headed up this waterfall, however, I didn't realize I was going to be standing my TJ nearly vertical while getting to the top.  (Did I mention this was the 1st run for my then new bead locks?)

Or how about that unexpected flop on the trail (I'm on the strap pulling for all I'm worth)....out goes the cooler or the picnic basket or the camp stove.  It can happen when you least expect it.  This becomes even more of a concern when the folks who enjoy going topless strip down for the summer season.  (did that come out right?) offers a number of net configurations for both the TJ and JK's roll cages.  They have a 4 piece cage set that provides TJs and JKs with full coverage over the back half of the vehicle.  It consists of a net for the roll cage, a pair of side window nets, and a divider that fits directly behind the front seats to keep "things" out of your lap as you are driving.....and that could be anything from the 75 pound family lap dog to the bags of groceries you just picked up for that weekend camping trip. 

It was a nice sunny afternoon near the end of January when the new nets were to be installed.  (For the benefit of those freezing their backends off in the middle of winter, I thought I would casually mention how nice it was here in Arizona.)  I unzipped the two side windows and the rear window from my Viking Fast Back soft top and set them aside.  Oops....a 15 minute delay came up next as I took the opportunity to clean things up a bit for the ensuing photos.  It had been a while since the housekeeper had cleaned out the back of the TJ. 

With the windows removed and the cleanup complete, I loosened the tie downs holding the bikini top in place and folded the top back on itself towards the front of the TJ.  I needed access to the top of the roll cage in order to secure the forward most straps for the cage net. 

A note about the cage net.....proper orientation of the net is such that you can read the Safari Straps product label while standing behind the vehicle. 

With the net laid across the roll cage area, loop the straps at the front corners around the front of the roll bar and up to the buckle.  Leave the buckles loose for now as they will be tightened later when everything is in place.

Loop the next set of straps (moving towards the rear) around the roll bars on either side.  As before, leave these buckles loose too to allow easy position of the nets as the installation progresses.

I noticed that the hardware (buckles and rings) are powder coated.  I personally like this better than some of the "shiny" hardware I've seen on other products.  I put a magnet to the rings and it stuck....I was good with that....steel and not aluminum or some other non-ferrous material. 

Safari Straps



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