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Right Channel Radios
Teraflex CB Antenna Mount Kit

If you happened to read the installation write-ups I did for the Cobra and Uniden off-road CB kits, then you may have noticed the two different antenna mounts that were used in those kits.  Those CB off-road kits are assembled and sold by Right Channel Radios and make for one stop shopping for CB radio installations.  Bob, the owner of the TJ with the Cobra 75 radio, decided he wanted a different antenna mount.  RCR now carries the Terfaflex CB antenna mount and it was decided to give this mounting bracket a try.  It can be ordered as just the bracket itself or as a complete antenna mounting kit, which includes a coax cable, antenna mounting stud, and the Teraflex bracket.  So the mounting kit was obtained and we started the installation.

The Teraflex mount comes with a one page Teraflex instruction sheet that seems to cover most everything required.  The cable and mounting stud shown above, included by RCR, completes the kit. 

This mounting bracket is designed to utilize the holes for the passenger side (driver's side if you wheel down under) tail light assembly.  With a Phillips screwdriver in hand, Bob and I started the install.  The first step was to remove the tail light lens from the assembly. 

With the lens out of the way, the three mounting screws were next to come out.  An extension for the ratchet was needed to reach the recessed screws. 

Once the three scews were removed, the tail light assembly can be removed from its mounting position.  This one was a little "stuck" in place by some goop that was applied to the back of the assembly.  You can see a bit of it around the triangular outline on the TJ's body. 

The mounting bracket was nicely powder coated.  One thing that will certainly make antenna tuning a nightmare is a poor RF ground, which powder coating promotes.  The antenna mounting stud needs to make a good RF ground with the body of the vehicle and in order to do this, we need to have metal on metal contact.  The stud must have a clean connection with the mounting bracket and the bracket must have a good connection with the body. 

To ensure good connection were available, a small circular (rat tail) file was used to remove the powder coating from the inner surface of the mounting holes on the bracket.  About a minutes worth of time spent cleaning out the holes goes a long way in ensuring the antenna tuning process goes as smoothly as it can.  You could also do this with a small sanding drum on a rotary tool, such as a Dremel.  I found the round file worked very well and I was done in almost no time.

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