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Early TJ Dual Switch Panel Modification

I didn�t like the big hole left behind by the cigar lighter (it didn�t fit anyhow) plus, I wanted to gather all transmission controls in one place.  This is a thin piece of cardboard that was used as a template.  Same kind of stuff I used before while figuring out the panel mating.

This is a piece of another ashtray from a Dodge.  I wanted something light and rigid to mount the switches into.  The color is very close.

Anti-spin...   Double sided tape made by 3M, it works well to help keep the switches from rotating while they live in the new panel.  Not exactly needed but I like it...  Also, I used a multi-meter to find which end was up for my applications and marked the switches accordingly.


Look at that! So professional looking and sort of a pain in the butt... At this point I thought I was done with the pain part.  Most of the pain came from debugging the project associated with all those wires pictured later on.

Before anything was going to get hooked up, I tested things to make sure that the switches worked properly and were installed correctly.


That's a lot of wire!  To make it easier to run wires to their new homes, I took a hole saw and made a 1� hole directly above the switches.  It was the only way.

What you are looking at are six switches, two relays and three LED indicators.  I�m not too sure if I can get anything else in there! Cutting your wire to the correct length will be helpful and route it around anything that moves behind the dashboard like the HVAC controls.

In this picture you can also see the angled plastic piece I used from left over parts.  Once you get all those wires stored away you can test fit and adjust the center bezel.

Now you can fine tune your bezel as described above early on in this write-up.

The front of the switch panel installed.  Look closely at the area between the two panels and you will see how I evened up the wedge shaped left side that I mentioned above.  Careful that you don�t go too thin here.  If you do... That�s why they invented getting another one and trying again :0)

I was not able to get the top right screw back into the original panel because wires and relays were in the way.  The bottom screw is easy to tighten with a 1/4� box end wrench.

This modification was more involved than I thought it would be at first.  It will take some patience and the results will be highly individual based on said patience...  The Dremel tool is a huge asset in this mod. 

If you are a proud owner of this great tool you will know that although it is small, it still flings stuff everywhere.  Depending on your rotary tool�s speed, some of that stuff could be molten plastic, it doesn�t taste very good in your eyeball either.  Ear protection is also a good idea if you have some handy. 

Jeep on!
Tim :o)




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