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sPOD and The Source

Here is a before photo of the relay bank that is mounted on the underside of my hood.  This will all be going away (yes!) when The Source is installed.  I'll be spending some time on cleaning up some of the other wiring as well.  Yes, I know it needs work.


After a couple of hours under the hood, this was the first pile of pieces and parts that were removed.  Five relays, five relay sockets, and some misc wiring and wire loom make up the bulk of it.  The relay grounds and power leads were all removed.  I cut some self adhesive labels and marked the +12V feeds to the various items (rock lights, radio, power inverter, etc.) as these will be connected to The Source when I get to that part of the install.  I didn't want to lose track of which one did what as it would take extra time later on to sort it all out. 


Here is a look at the engine compartment after the components and wiring in the previous photo were removed.  Still some to go but I'm making progress.  You can see the various wires with the white labels indicating their function. 


This was pile #3 from pulling wiring from the engine compartment.  I forgot to take a snapshot of pile #2 which was on the garage floor yesterday afternoon.  It looked pretty much like this one.  I must admit that after all these years, the engine compartment had acquired quite a bit of wiring.  I pulled all the old wiring for the rock lights and the fogs.  Why?  One of the two fog lights was bad (it was a cheap pair of lights) and the same was true of the rock lights.  I don't do night runs much any more and so the rock lights may or may not be installed again.  I do want to install a new set of lights up front.

I removed the two bolts in the firewall (directly behind the valve cover) and attached The Source's mounting bracket.  Note that both of these bolts have ground wires attached to them so be sure they remain in place when you attach the bracket.


With the bracket in place, the control cable from the sPOD was attached to the input terminals.  These are the six switch wires that are used to turn the power relays on and off.  Along with the six control wires, there is also a fused positive lead and a ground wire that completes the control circuit cabling.  These are used to supply power to the sPOD switches.

One circuit at a time, I routed the wires to The Source and connected them.  I soldered ring terminals onto the wires and insulated each one with heat shrink tubing.  The wires were then attached to the appropriate output and ground terminals for each circuit.  In a couple of cases, the circuit ground was already connected at a different location so I used only the +12V output terminal for those circuits. 

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