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Herter's 9mm Aluminum Case Ammunition

The first pistol up to the shooting line was my Kahr PM9.  The PM9 has a 3" polygonal rifled barrel which is fed from a 6 round single stack magazine.  It is a DAO pistol that has a long but yet smooth trigger pull.  With an empty weight of just under 16 ounces, it is my go-to CCW pistol about 90% of the time. 


Ten rounds from the PM9 at the 1" bull.  The average velocity of the Herter's nylon coated 115 gr round nose bullet was 1073 FPS with a standard deviation of 19.8 FPS.  Compared to the 115 gr copper plated bullet I shoot in my hand loaded practice rounds, which runs 1033 FPS out of the PM9, this group was 1" smaller.


Next up was my Springfield XD9 subcompact.  Like the PM9, the XD9sc has a 3" barrel but over twice the capacity (13 rounds) in its regular double stack magazine.  It tips the scale at 26 ounces.  I run a PRP trigger kit in mine to shorten both the take-up as well as the over travel.  It is typically my CCW when the PM9 is not. 


Believe it or not, the same 1" stick-on target started out on here too but disappeared around the 7th shot.  Did I mention I really like the XD9sc?  Since I first acquired it, I've found it to be one he best shooting 9mm I've ever held.   Anyway, the average velocity for 10 rounds of the Herter's 115 gr aluminum case ammo was 1115 FPS and a standard deviation of 13.8 FPS. 


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