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Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite Ruger Mk1 Upgrade

Pull straight down on the mainspring housing until it clears both the upper receiver and the frame.  Mine came out nicely and didn't require any assistance from a plastic hammer.

The next step in the Tactical Solutions instructions was the removal of the bolt from the receiver.  After the bolt is removed the receiver/barrel is removed from the frame.  I performed these two steps out of sequence but I didn't experience any problems doing it this way.

 Next, I pushed forward (on the back of the receiver) to dislodge the receiver from the front edge of the frame.  It is possible that you may need to lightly tap the back end of the receiver with the plastic or wooden mallet again.  I was able to remove mine without the need for either. 

Lastly, I slid the bolt out of the rear of the factory receiver.  A note here....keep an eye on the firing pin stop, which is a pin that goes through the bolt (side to side).  While mine didn't appear to fall out easily, I noticed that it could slip out and if one wasn't paying attention and you wouldn't want that to happen. 

Here is a photo of my Mark1 disassembled and ready for the Pac-Lite barrel/receiver to be installed.  Before I continued with the reassembly, I gave the frame an inspection and noticed it could use a little clean up.  At the same time, I gave the bolt some attention and got it looking good as new. 

With the pause for a quick cleaning out of the way, it was time to assemble the new barrel to the frame.  It is important to note that most folks always have problems during the assembly process.  Getting the main spring housing back into position is where difficulties are normally encountered.  I've normally encountered a glitch or two myself and I'm happy to say that the written steps in the Tactical Solutions instructions made it all pretty easy.

Grasp the frame in a natural shooting position.  Point the pistol vertically and pull the trigger to pivot the hammer backward to the cocked position.  I've circled the hammer in the above photo.  This was before I pulled the trigger.  The hammer all but pivots back flush with the frame when the trigger is pulled.  If it doesn't move back, give it a little nudge with your finger.  It's possible that the hammer strut is stuck and keeping the hammer from easily moving.

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Home Rifles Shotguns Handguns Reloading Accessories Holsters/Cases After Action Hunting Crossbow Misc Reviews 4x4 RC Flying