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Picatinny Rail for an Eagle Arms EA-15

Look at that.....just like it was made for it.  This 1/2" riser rail will place your optic 1/2" higher than it use to be.  But....since there really wasn't a viable "use to be" for me, I could live with it....and at least have a functional Picatinny rail on my Eagle Arms EA-15 rifle. 

One thing I didn't realize was that GG&G was using Heli-coils in their rail.  If you are not familiar with them, they are inserted into a tapped hole that is larger than the desired hole.  They are usually over-sized so that they anchor themselves.  The Heli-coil provides a durable threaded hole in a soft material.  (GG&G's rail is 6061 T6 hard anodized aluminum.)  I appreciate their adding this little extra don't usually this attention to detail on an accessory.

Should my M&P15 fail during a Front Sight carbine course, and I can't fix it using my spare parts kit, the plan is to swap the ACOG from the M&P15 and to the EA-15 and continue the training course.  Since I want to be able to use the EA-15 at any time, I am running a Millet DMS-1 optic on it. 

The Millet DMS-1 uses a Burris P.E.P.R. mount to attach it to the new GG&G rail.  The DMS-1 has been on and off of a few rifles over the past couple of years.  The glass isn't top notch by any means, but it does the job, it's paid for, and it will work on the EA-15.  I do like the DMS-1 reticle.....maybe that is why I keep recycling it to different rifles. 

While it took a little more effort than expected, I now have another functional AR with a mil-spec rail that should serve me well into the future.  The best part is I have a viable backup rifle for my training courses.  Two is one and one is the saying goes. 



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