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CE Pocket Pro II Range Timer

Several years ago, I bought a Pact MKIV-XP Championship Timer & Chronograph.  I recently decided that while the Pact worked great as a timer, I really didn't need to put my chronograph through the rigors of being a range timer.  I've been using a good bit while working up hand loads for my new Savage 10 FCP.  As the Pact usually hangs from my pocket (as a range timer) while I practice, I decided a drop to the ground or a crunch into the shooting bench wouldn't do it any good.  It was time to promote the MKIV-XP to a dedicated chronograph and get a new range timer.  After doing some research, I opted for the Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II range timer. 

The Pocket Pro II is about 5"x3"x1.5" and weighs in at under 6 ounces (without battery).  I've found it conveniently sized to handle/manipulate one handed.  While doing my research, I found numerous references to the loud beep sound....more than loud enough that enough double muffed shooters will clearly hear the beep.  It is quite true....doubling up on hearing protection does not put you at a disadvantage for hearing the start beep. 

The user interface is quick and easy to use, consisting of only 5 buttons (4 on the top, 1 on the side) and a backlit LCD display.  The START button is located on the side of timer for easy one finger access.  The most commonly changed timer value (PAR time) is but one MENU button click away.  A push of the menu up button brings up the PAR time screen.  From there, you can change the PAR time, in .1 sec increments, by pushing the SET up/down buttons as needed.  When PAR time is set, a push of the menu down button puts you back into action, ready to start recording the next shot time.  There are a total of 14 menu items that cycle forward or backward using the menu buttons.  Many of them will most likely be set once and forgotten about.  The others, such as PAR and start delay are first in the menu list and so are just a click or two away.  While it may sound complicated, I found the menu interface quite intuitive (i.e., didn't read the instructions) and easy to navigate after just a minute or two of use.

The back of the timer has a very sturdy clip mounted on it.  If you are wearing two hats, as both the range timer guy and the shooter, you'll find it easy enough to clip the timer on your belt or pocket for self-timing operation.  With the start beep set to a configurable random start delay (configurable upper and lower random delays), you'll have plenty of time to push the start button and assume your "ready" position before the start beep automatically sounds.  When it does, acquire your target and then check your time.  The time can also be configured with no start delay (push the start button and the timer immediately beeps) or a fixed length time delay (push the start button and the timer beeps after a specific delay period has elapsed).

The Pocket Pro II is powered by a 9 volt battery.  While I've not yet had to change one out, the specs state approximately 20 hours of operation per battery.  With a spare or two in the range bag, one should never really have an issue.  My chrono also uses a 9 volt battery so I always have a few spares with me any time I hit the range.  Since it isn't a rechargeable or a proprietary design, you shouldn't have any problems picking one up on the way to range assuming you needed a fresh one.

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