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Safepacker Holster

I've told you what the Safepacker is all about and what it has to offer you as a holster that doesn't look like a let's see how it works.

Since I shoot right handed, I carry the Safepacker in my support hand with the carry strap over the back side of my hand (as seen in the photos on the previous page).  I bring the Safepacker up in front of me and squeeze the quick release buckle with my strong hand (it only takes a thumb and a finger).  This allows the flap to "pop" open just a bit.

With my strong hand, I continue to open the Safepacker's flap while I turn my support hand to orient the Safepacker (and thus the muzzle) towards the threat. 

Next, I thrust my hand into the rear opening of the Safepacker (now fully exposed by the opened flap).  At the same time this happens, the hook and loop fastener along what is now the top of the Safepacker literally tears open.  My trigger finger is along the side of the XD's slide (remember your gun safety rules!) and I have a firm grip on the XD.  I prefer to drop the Safepacker at this point although you can certainly leave it strapped to your support hand.  As my strong hand is positioning itself on the XD, my support hand is sliding out of the strap....sounds complicated but it is very hand pushing forward while the other pulls back.

And the XD is presented or kept at a low ready to further asses the threat, as required. 

Right up until the hook and loop strip begins to tear open and the XD is revealed, there is no indication that I am but a fraction of a second away from bringing online 14 rounds of .45ACP to stop a threat. 

As I mentioned, you do not need to drop the Safepacker when bring the handgun to bear.  Leaving it strapped to your hand (keeping the spare magazine closer) works just as well as is shown in this photo.  It is pretty much a personal preference .

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