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Safepacker Holster


So you have a hand strap available (my preferred method) to carry the Safepacker.  You also have a pair of D-rings installed (adjacent to the hand strap) in case you wish to attach an optional strap and shoulder carry the Safepacker.  The D-rings also make a good place to attach your key ring using the supplied carabineer.  In my opinion, having your keys attached makes for yet another reason that your holster doesn't look like a holster.

Did I mention that the strap across the top cover is specially stitched to provide you with a place to clip your LED flashlight?  If you opt to have the Safepacker on your nightstand during the night, you know where your flashlight will be....right with your handgun and spare magazine. 

Carrying your handgun and a spare ammo is not the only thing Safepacker can accommodate.  The top flap has a hook and closure secured opening that allows you to slip a few things into the secret pocket. 

Plenty of room for some relatively slim profile cards, driver's license, checkbook, a trim cell phone, business cards, pen/pencil, mad money, etc.   Anything within reason will go in this "stealth" pocket and without anyone knowing but you.   Also, if you need to access the pocket, you can do so without having to open the top flap, potentially exposing your handgun.

OK, so hand carry and a strap over the shoulder isn't making it for about the good old fashioned way of just mounting it on your belt?  The sturdy mounting strap on the back of the Safepacker will handle your favorite gun belt (you do use the Instructor Belt, right?). 


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