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Saiga .223 AK Conversion

I drifted the two pins out of the receiver using a punch and a small hammer (it didn't take much effort).  Not the highlighted the left pin hole in the photo.  You can see a bit of shiny beveled receiver metal around it.  In contrast, there is no shiny metal around the other pin hole (as I didn't drill deep enough to engage the receiver metal).  So there you have it, and good and bad example of how to drill the pins out.  The pins were put into the spare parts bin.  Note that I used one of them as a slave pin when assembling the new trigger group (more on that later).  The trigger and transfer bar went into the spare parts bin too. 

With the two pins removed along with the trigger and transfer bar, the retention spring was next to come out.  The spring was easy to remove.  I pulled it clear of the receiver (pull it from the rear of the receiver) and put it in the spare parts box as well as it will not be reused.  As indicated in my parts list, I purchased a fire control group retaining plate that takes the place of this spring. 

Using a punch, I next pushed out out the pin that holds in the factory sear and disconnect.  I didn't need a hammer as it pushed out very easily.  Set the pin aside as it will be reused.  If you intend to recycle the disconnect spring from the factory unit, set that aside to as you will need to disassemble it (before you toss it in the spare parts bin).


The safety lever is removed via a notch in the receiver.  With the receiver positioned trigger guard down, rotate the safety lever up.  As you do so, the internal safety mechanism rotates in the direction of the arrow. 

Stop when the mechanism aligns itself with the notch in the receiver.  Pull the safety straight out of the receiver as indicated by the red arrow.  Set it aside as it will be reused.

Take note of the internal layout of the hammer and bolt hold open (BHO) plate.  The hammer will be coming out and replaced with a new hammer but the BHO will be reused.  Behind the BHO (between the receiver and the BHO) is a spring that puts tension on the BHO.  If you read a few of the on-line forums, this is spring that folks complain about being such a pain to install.  It wasn't as bad as I was lead to believe and I am very glad I installed the BHO when I reassembled my Saiga. 

The pin retaining the hammer can now be removed.  It is drifted out from right to left.  I used a punch to push it out (no hammer necessary).  Set the pin aside as it will be reused.  The spring on the hammer will also be reused.  The hammer can be tossed into the spare parts bin.

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