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Saiga .223 AK Conversion

The next task was to mount the trigger guard now that the excess had been trimmed away.  Before it could be attached to the receiver, a new hole had to be drilled in the receiver.  The good part about this was that a built in template was already there just waiting for the drill bit to do its job.

To properly position the trigger guard for drilling, attach the trigger guard to the receiver at the rear mounting hole as shown above.  (disregard the pistol grip square nut)  You may have to bend the trigger guard a bit to get it to fit (and it is rather springy metal).  I used the trigger guard mounting hardware that I bought from Dinzag Arms. 

The front lip of the trigger guard (it already has a hole in it) slides underneath the magazine release and is captured by it once you screw the rear of the trigger guard to the receiver.  With the trigger guard in position, look down into the magazine release and you will see the hole in the trigger guard.  Drill this hole through the receiver and you now have your front mounting point that will be secured with the remaining hardware from the trigger guard hardware package.

Here is the view of the now mounted trigger guard as seen from inside the receiver.  Since I wasn't sure what kind of clearance issues I might be encounter once the remaining receiver parts were installed, I opted to located the screw heads on the receiver side for maximum clearance.  (Note that at the time this photo was taken, I had not yet cut the 2nd slot for the trigger nor had I fitted it and found that some trimming would be required.)

The receiver was starting to look more like it should with the trigger guard attached.  It was now time to install the SAW pistol grip that I had gotten from Tapco.  The pistol grip comes with a mounting bolt (but no square nut).  Note that it uses a rather short bolt (metric too) and so the normal AK-47 pistol grip mounting bolt won't work here.  (Not knowing any of that, I ended up with a regular pistol grip mounting bolt that came with the square nut needed to mount a pistol grip.

The TAPCO SAW pistol grip is held in place with the square nut (shown at the top of this page).  Insert the square nut through the hole from inside the receiver.  Using a 10mm socket, insert the bolt through the bottom of the pistol grip and tighten.  Easy enough! 

Here is the pieces and parts that make up the Tapco G2 fire control group (FCG).  The spring in the disconnect does not come with the FCG.  You can order it separately (as I did) or recycle the one from the factory disconnect. 

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