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Giles Tactical Sling for Saiga .223 AK Conversion Rifle


Since my Saiga AK conversion resulted in my keeping the factory forearm, I left the factory swivel in position at the bottom front of the forearm.  This swivel is intended for a 1" sling.  The Giles sling uses a dense and rigid 1.25" wide custom made webbing to provide better support for the weapon.  I had two options available to resolve the size disparity.  Install a new swivel (oh oh, fresh out of those) or install a 1" adapter.  The adapter added $10 to the $22 price tag of the sling. 


With the adpater attached to the swivel, another Deltrin buckle is slid onto the sling and the free end is slipped through the adapter loop. 

The free end is finally threaded through the buckle securing the sling into position.  (you can see the The Wilderness embossed on the buckle)

Here is my Saiga .223 AK conversion with the Giles tactical sling attached and ready to go.  Wilderness includes a double sided page on information that covers sling installation as well as adjustment and safety related data. 

The hands free position lends itself to you doing just about anything.....from needing both hands to hang a fresh target at the range.....

....or drawing your pistol because you just did the unthinkable and ran your rifle empty.  <OUCH!!!!>

As I mentioned earlier, I have this same sling system on my Benelli shotgun.  It felt very natural once I had it adjusted for a comfortable carry position.  With the Saiga having a shorter overall length, I also found it easier to handle.  I guess that means I need more time with the Benelli (oh darn, back to the range I go!)

The Giles Tactical Sling is a versatile modular sling system that will fill your needs, of that I am sure.  Since 1989, it has set the standard by which all others have been compared.  Give it a try, I did, and I've never looked back.



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