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Zlogonje Gunleathers
Elemental OWB Holster


With the unexpected acquisition of a Springfield XD-S .45ACP, I found myself in need of a OWB (outside waistband) holster.  I immediately thought of High Noon Holsters.  A quick check on their web site indicated a wait time that was longer than I was willing to endure so I started a search for another holster maker.  On one of the gun forums, I saw a link posted for Zlogonje Gunleathers.  I spent some time looking over the styles and available leathers and decided to give them a try.  They were claiming an 8 week wait time (which ultimately ended up being 8 weeks to the day between order and arrival) so I decided to give them a try. 


The model I settled on is called the Elemental.  Not sure what is significant about the name....but that's what it's called.  Price was $55 + $7 shipping to my door.  I just checked their web site earlier today and noticed the Elemental was now at $60.  Guess I got mine just in time.


The Elemental is single stitched which is what I would expect at this price point.  In contrast, my High Noon Slide Guard holster was double stitched.....but at twice the price (triple the price if you include the horse hide upgrade). 

The Elemental is available only in black cowhide although a contrasting half panel is available in three contrasting colors (four if you include black).  I opted to have "Marbled Mahogany" used on mine. 


The interior of the holster is not lined and there is no option to do so.  If the lack of lining is a deal breaker, then you'll have to go custom as there are no listed options for the Elemental or the Premier Series holster either.


The Elemental is designed for a 1.5" wide belt.  I routinely wear the Original Instructor Belt from The Wilderness.  After several good years of service, it still retains its shape and supports the OWB holsters I often times use.

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