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Wishbone Run - Night Run

Larry and his passenger crawl out of the rocks.


Mike clears the rocks and heads for a place to park so he can take in the rest of the group's attempts.  You gotta love those new TJs.  The suspension is about as flexy as you can get from the factory.  Without a doubt the most capable off-road factory Jeep that has been made to date!


Dion gives his new Goodyear MT/Rs a check out in the rocks.  Dion had traction problems on the previous week's night run, but things went much better for him on this one.  One he gets his diffs locked up, he will be hard to follow!

John and his 14.5" Thornbirds.  What can you say?  Getting him to roll over would probably take a small explosive charge, placed properly under one of his tires!

John also has good flex on his YJ.  If  I remember, he is running a SOA in the rear and a spring under in the front.

I forget what Steve was doing here.  He was telling John about something or the other.  I thought it looked like a good shot so I snapped it before John crawled up and out of the hole.

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