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Tip Top Trail

This shot was taken as we were still working our way along the trail to see if we could punch through.  A lot of brush....a lot of brush every direction you turned.  A fire had swept through this area some time ago.  You can see the remains of a burned tree in this picture.

This one was taken near the top.  We were on the last section of the trail climbing back out.  Although no walk in the park, this section was much easier than the level just below where this was taken, which was where we had to break out the winch.

Keith and I are discussing getting my TJ out of this spot on the trail.  Although hardly detectable here, this section was so steep you could hardly stand on it.  You can see the rear diff housing touching the ground.  Makes for a hard time getting up the hill when you are trying to plow a new path at the same time!  After a couple of foiled attempts from this spot, I had Ross send down the winch cable.

Bill's CJ-3b waits its turn to go up the last section.  Once we had all made it past middle section and had gotten parked on something that resembled level ground, we headed toward the top and a cold one back in Crown King!

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