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Raw Deal

Here is Lady going across the Raw Deal's version of the Golden Crack.  Steve caught me just after I had hopped out to take a picture.  The suspension is  pretty well stuffed or drooping, depending on which corner you are looking at.  When I got out to take this picture, Lady was wobbling back and forth.  I just happened to stop where she was pretty well balanced.  It sure felt funny crawling in and out.  Of course, the driver side door is sitting way up over the low spot which made it all the more difficult to get back in.

Joe was the only one today that took this line to get up and over the rock ledge.  In fact, this is the same ledge that Steve and Dion were on from the previous page.  Joe runs his passenger side tire up the side of the rock.  When he finally runs out of rock, the Jeep slowly pivots forward and gently drops the tires onto the ground.  I stood there and watched him do it.  Very nice and smooth.  He has obviously done this a couple of times.  Nice going, Joe!

Joe likes to catch a bit of air every now and then (actually, it was pretty darn often on the run).  As you can see, he likes to put those 35" tires into holes and then see which end of the Jeep comes up.  Hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?

Joe is spotting me as I crawl along "The Great Divide", as Steve called it.  That puddle behind me is the one that Dion was checking for a bottom.  We all made it through Raw Deal with no carnage or broken parts.  A couple of the skids got used on most of the Jeeps, but hey, that is what they are there for.

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