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Raw Deal

Here is another picture of me working my way through the Great Divide.  The bedrock in this area is quite strange looking.  It is about the next thing to a lava flow, although I have seen them and this is certainly not that.  Anyway, it makes for a lot of fun.

Joe and I watch as Dion drops his passenger tire into the "Air Hole".  Joe showed us this little trick and Dion, being the quick study that he is decided to see just how it worked.  Steve, who took this picture, did a great job of catching Dion with good altitude.  Not the easiest to do with a digital camera!

This ledge gave a couple of the guys a problem.  The reason being that they were running t-case lowering kits (because of their bigger suspension lift).  I have a slightly smaller lift, but no t-case lower kit.  Even though my tires are 1" less than what most folks run, I was able to slip over without dragging the belly pan.  (Yes, I had a big grin on my face after I cleared it.)

Not all of the trail looked like a lava flow.  Here we got into a section of the wash that just had a lot of rocks in it.  You get to pick and choose your way through here, as it changes on a fairly regular basis when the water gets flowing through here with a lot of force.  Joe announced on the CB, as we rounded the turn, "OK, I got no guarantees which way to go here....Everyone is on their own!"

Larry being the guy that he is, now that he has that new locker in his front axle....well, he just had to try one of these big old rocks!  The result was that his rocker panel protectors did just that, and Dion confirms that it held up just fine.  Larry had been taking it easy on his Y2K TJ much of this year, as he intends to sell it when he gets his CJ-7 rebuild finished.  I'm not too sure how long that is going to take.  Who knows, maybe the CJ project will go by the wayside and he'll really put some work into the TJ.  He already has a good lift and a front locker.  Toss in a rear locker, new gears, and a roll cage and he'll be ready to rock and roll!

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