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Appetizer & Tax Collector

This sequence of pictures were taken of me going through the squeeze rock on Tax Collector.  You can either opt to get squeezed and risk body damage on the driver side or you can take the high ledge obstacle that is just a few feet off the driver's side.  I was the only one that opted for the squeeze.  I didn't think I would have enough break over clearance (some of the guys found out they did not) to make the high ledge.  Either one is a good test for proper tire placement and it sure helps to have a good spotter....thanks again YJ John!

John is spotting me out front.  Steve watches as I get lined up for the squeeze rock.  I should probably comment that I had more problems getting to this spot than I did getting going through the obstacle.  I kept catching my front or rear diffs on one thing or another.  Maybe I should have ran Tax Collector with my tires at full street pressure!  LOL!  That would have gotten me an extra inch or so below the axle!

You can tell everyone is completely concerned about how well I am doing here.  I can see three of the party sitting back there on the rocks.  (truth be told, I think they were all tired out from stacking rocks so I could get to this stupid obstacle!)

Well, I am just about committed by now (or should I say that maybe I should be committed?).  I kept my eyes on John and kept Lady on the line he was directing me over.  As you can see, there is nowhere near enough room to squeeze the Jeep through without riding one bank of the other.  The rock on the driver's side was not going to make for a useful line, so my only option was to ride the passenger tire up the bank and maintain enough clearance between the driver's side and the rock so it wouldn't redo my door when Lady was leaning over.

OK Lady, suck it in and keep those tires right where I got them.  In this case, the flex afforded by the coil springs really does help.  The front tires are stuffed pretty hard on one side and drooping well on the other.  Being able to maintain this suspension stance helps the body stay level with the world, and that means it won't be pitching over a lot and getting into the rock.

The back tires are up on the rock, the front is coming down, the body is back to being square with the world again, and I am breathing one more time!  The photos don't quite do it justice.  Trust me that this was a good squeeze for Lady and myself!

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