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Upper Terminator Trail

I caught some air as I attempted to climb up out of the water hole I just went through.  With all of the mud and wet, the TrueTrac in the front axle was not quite giving me the traction I was looking for today.  The Detroit in the D44 was doing pretty good though, so I was still batting 500.

Working another line while Ross spots for me at the front corner.  I did find one problem on this run that I am going to have to address.  My tires are getting into the studs that hold my Tera QDs in place when they are disconnected.  I also noticed that I am rubbing the lower control arms when I crank the steering wheel over hard.  If I adjust the steering stops a bit, the control arms rubbing can be eliminated and I might be able to keep the tires out of the QD mounting studs.  I'll have to crawl underneath and see how it all looks.  It might be time to pull the mounting studs and just use a couple of bungie cords to hold the QDs out of the way while wheelin'.

At first look, you might think that we tangled it up with a couple of hikers and the CJ won.  Well, not quite the case.  The CJ that Bob and John were in got its diff cover caught on a rock and it peeled the lower edge back just enough to let the fluid out.  With the help of a hammer and a couple of wrenches, the cover was straightened out enough to let the old AMC20 axle hold a couple of quarts of fluid.  At the end of Upper, the CJ headed for home before suffering any other problems.  With all of the diff hanging rocks on this trail, it would have been too easy to snag it again and start it leaking all over again (which is what happened after moving it 50' after the first attempted fix).

I thought I would toss in a pic of Ross' CJ.  His full width axles and 38.5" Swampers makes for a pretty big rig.  Chris, his 14 year old son, did the honors today.  Ross spots for him and Chris does the driving.  Gosh....I wish I had that opportunity when I was a kid!

Enjoy the outdoors and remember to TREAD Lightly

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