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Moab 2001

After Josh rolled over the Golden Crack, it was Lady's turn.  My main goal was to get a clean line over the crack and keep the wheel's nice and straight while doing so.  I was not going to crank the tires off to one side and then dump a bunch of weight and torque to the axle u-joint and watch it grenade!

I rolled her up to the crack, putting first the driver's side tire and then the passenger tire into the crack.  Check out that front flex in the above picture.  Pretty cool!  The crack swallows up my 35"x12.5" MT/R pretty darn well.

As the driver's rear tire drops down into the crack, the passenger front grabs some air.  Pretty difficult to keep all four tires on the ground in this just don't have enough flex to handle that.

As you inch forward, the weight then shifts to the passenger rear tire and causes your bumper (right side) to dig into the rock.  Everyone drags their bumper across the crack, as can be seen by the gouges in the rock.  I was VERY happy with my rear tire carrier.  As you can see, I am firmly down into the lowest spot I can get to and I still have a couple of inches of clearance under my spare tire.  Too bad the company that made it, Canyon City, is no longer in business.  (gee, maybe I got a collector's item)

The only thing left now is to give her a bit of throttle, let the tires howl a bit, and pull out of the crack (which Lady did very nicely).  We all made it across the crack with no major problems.  Dwayne did manage to kind of do it differently, compared to everyone else.  Somehow or the other, he actually got his left rear tire to, he stood on his nose in the crack.  Of course, we couldn't let that go by without giving him a really bad time about it.

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