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2nd Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run

Some of that funny plant life that grows in the funniest places on the slickrock. 

Watch those fingers!  That hammer is gonna hurt if you get your finger in the wrong place.

Josh catches twenty winks while the rest of us work feverishly to fix his broken D60.  I think Katey wasn't letting the poor guy get any sleep!

Adam just finishing the optional slickrock climb on Poison Spider Mesa.  (NOT)

Approaching the 4' ledge on Cliff Hanger, after having a great lunch and view that nothing else can compare with.

Cutch (my unofficially adopted son from Canada) plays around on Rock Chucker. 

This is NOT a good thing.  The result of having a u-joint end cap walk out of the front axle yoke while the vehicle is moving.  Luckily, I noticed it while standing in front of the TJ during a short break.  I swapped in my spare axle shaft/unibearing since the yoke ears had spread a bit and a new u-joint wasn't gong to fit correctly.


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