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Johnson Valley - 2002 Thanksgiving Run

I hopped out at some point and snapped a picture of the TJ.  I am sure that some of the obstacles have names....all I was doing was concentrating on getting through them.  I decided I would learn more about what they were on my second trip through here!

Many times, I was not sure just where the "trail" was. Sledge Hammer, just like the other JV trails, are nothing but rocky washes, bordered by tall canyon walls.  Garry mentioned that the heavy rains can and do roll the boulders around quite often and makes changes in the trail.  Heck, the boulders were constantly shifting under the tires enough that a line that Jeff took became a diff hanger for me. 

Jeff uses the rocker guards to slide over a rock.  Jeff and I used them quite a bit.  I got the hang of pivoting around the rocks as the day rolled on.  With Garry's Atlas t-case, he could disengage the rear axle and pull himself around with just the front tires doing the work.  Every now and then, I would yell at him and tell him to turn on his D60 rear....after watching him make a few attempts at an obstacle. <grin>

So....we continued to work our way up Sledge.  Every now and then Jeff or I would drop into a hole and a couple of rocks would be rearranged so as to be able to get out of it.  For the most part, the rocks just kept coming.....

and coming......

and coming. 

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