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Johnson Valley - 2002 Thanksgiving Run

Jack was sporting a brand as in still had those little rubber whiskers....set of 37" MT/Rs.  He had cut away most of the sheet metal that might have interfered with them and was just plain having too much fun with them!  Here is Garry telling him where to go (oops...that didn't quite sound right).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Robert and I continue along.  Rocker guards are a must have here.  The trails are tight and often times twisty and you have no option but to put the guard against the rocks and pivot around them.

I hid behind some rocks (not exactly hard to do) and snapped a picture of Jack as he as waiting to take a stab at the next obstacle.  I guess you could say that his CJ is not exactly the most eye-catching rig on the trail.  However, the driveline getting it across those rocks is second to none.  They don't call him Axle Jack for nothing (DUH!).

The Hammers rightly deserve their name.  Jack was not as lucky as I on this one.  While my rim managed to bend, his took a hit and cracked out a nice piece.  Sergey's came out in two 3" long pieces. 

Garry works his way towards the end of Sledge.  We are almost done with this and with the ride back to camp still ahead, we'll have enough time to get our Thanksgiving Day bird cooked up with all the fixings and make for a great day.

Robert watches as Jack works the rocks.  If I remember correctly, Jack said he was going SOA on the CJ in a little bit.  He had just put a nice custom made (by him) flat skid plate on and with the new tires in place, the new lift is next on the to-do list.

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