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Axle Alley


Lachlan gives the first waterfalls a try and makes it up and over.  Lachlan was running the trail today without a sway bar (at either end!).  The one he had broke (or something like that) and he hadn't fixed it yet.  He was a little wobbly on a few of the obstacles.

Lachlan pulls the winch rope out for John.  You remember John....the guy who popped a tire at the beginning of the trail?  Luckily, he kept the remaining four tires in good shape for the remainder of the run.

Troy kind of laid his TJ over on it's side/rear while attempting waterfall #2.  Both Scott and Lachlan managed to drive over this one while us remaining mortals had a strap hooked to a front tow hook.

Scott gets lined up for the second waterfall. can't see much in the photo (there is no room to stand you can see, the sides of the wash go virtually straight up).

We made it to the end with no breakage (except for John's tire).  We all winched up the last waterfall so we could exit the trail.  Once back to the staging area, we goth Seth packed up and pointed him back towards California.  I caught a post from Seth the following day.....he blew out a tire on the way home while still in Arizona. He swapped in his spare and headed out again.  Luckily, that was the only thing that went on his rig during the return trip. 



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