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Moab 2004

For those that attended 4AJUMR, you already know that Donna (my wife) was not able to attend this year.  She intends to be at 5AJUMR!  I want to thank her for the time and effort she put forth in helping get this year's flags ready.  She found some light weight netting that would not cause your antenna to fold in half at highway speeds.  She made me a beta test flag and I tried it around Phoenix for a couple of weeks before she started making the rest.  It even survived the 9 hour drive home to Phoenix from Moab and looks none the worsen for it!  I saw some comments from a couple of other Jeepers and one mentioned it survived the 800+ mile trip back to his home.  The best part was that we didn't have to worry about whose Jeep was going to be in the graphic....the way I see it, everyone's Jeep made the flag this year!

Five of us left the Phoenix area early on Saturday morning, headed for Moab and a bunch of fun.  We stopped in Kayenta for lunch.  We had been getting the benefit of a 30 MPH tail wind across most of the Navajo Nation....enough so that our gas tank fill up showed several of us getting 20+ MPG!  However, the strong winds also caused one heck of a sand storm on the reservation too.  As seen above, the sand is starting to settle on the highway and visibility at times was quite bad.  It is also a bit breezy as we travel through northern Arizona, but this time it was a LOT breezy! 

A trip to Moab just wouldn't be complete without a run on Cliff Hanger.  MikeW snapped a pic of me as I was rounding the corner, heading for the ledge.

Another picture taken on Cliff Hanger.  We are returning from the nice lunch we had at the overlook.  A small group of mountain bikers stopped to watch us climb the ledge.  I am not sure if they thought we would make it or not.  But when we finished, one of them gave us a big wave as they headed off to the overlook.

Everyone knows that the wheelin' in Moab is pretty good, but there is more there than just the slick rock and ledges.  Spring had apparently sprung and things (don't ask me what kind they are) were blooming.  With the sewing that Donna does, she always enjoys getting close-up pics of flowers and such to use in her designs.

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