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Moab 2004

There is a "sweet" spot at the end of the Wedgie obstacle on Poison Spider Mesa.  I didn't have much luck getting folks into it except for Mike.  He was near the end of the line and we had discovered all the spots that would not give any air.  When Mike came through, he got his front end up a bit and I got to ride it back down to touchdown.

Ernie, who was at 3AJUMR, came up with us again to have some fun.  This year, he left his YJ with 358K miles (yes, that is correct, 358,000 miles) at home and brought his Jeep Commanche.  He has a long arm kit in the front and leaf springs in the rear, with lockers at both ends and a 32" Swamper type tire.  Ernie picked up just one small ding in the rocker panel during his week at Moab.  Not too bad for a long wheel base Jeep! 


During Wednesday night and all day Thursday, we got some weather.  We opted to pass on Thursday's attempt at Moab Rim and headed up to Top of the World.  The trail puts you at a 7000' high overlook at the cliff's edge.  At about 6300', the rain turned to snow which gave me my first experience on snow covered slick rock.  I found that it really does get pretty slick once the snow is added....much more so than when it is just wet.  Of course, the mud wasn't helping matters either.


Some of the folks were running with bikini tops.  With the air temp cold enough to support snow, I'm thinking a couple of them were a bit cold, although they did have some pretty heavy jackets on. 


You always have to do a mirror know, using the mirror to get a quick pic of the folks behind you.  So here it is....the obligatory mirror picture.


Here are a few Jeeps from the group of 14 that went on the Poison Spider Mesa run.  We ran the complete loop and then took a short detour on the Golden Spike trail so some of the folks could play on Launch Pad. 

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