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Moab 2004

MikeW slips down the ledge on Cliff Hanger.  Our new buddy from Montana, Larry, broke a pinion strap bolt on his rear drive shaft which left him sitting right at the creek crossing.  He rode shotgun with me on the remainder of the trail and when we returned, we had to winch and strap his TJ up to the road.  It all went very well and we had him to the top of the hill without too much effort.  One thing I found was that having two Jeeps as winch anchors works much better than just one!

MikeW took this one out of his front window while I worked my way up the last couple of ledges near the top of Rose Garden Hill.  We ran that trail on Friday....a bit of fun on the hill with the previous night's rain but everyone did well in getting to the top.  Donna and I ran this last year as our last trail for 3AJUMR and enjoyed it.  Once at the top of the hill, you have a nice view of Cottonwood Canyon while the trail goes along the edge of the cliffs.


TimD got pretty flexed up as we came down the Wedgie from the top of Poison Spider Mesa.  Next year, we'll work on getting the rear axle down in the crack a bit more so we can get more flex!


A nice row of Jeeps are dropping air pressure at the start of the week on Sunday's Fins & Things trail run.  Fins & Things is a great trail to try out if you are new to Moab and want to get an idea of just how steep the slickrock climbs and descents can really get.  There is a ledge or two to climb (and drop off) and some nice views too.  All in all, it is kind of a Moab Sample Platter.


Another one of me going up one of the slickrock climbs.  I think this one was on Fins & Things but I am not certain.  You know what they say...."If you've seen one slick rock fin, you've seen them all".

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