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Moab 2004

OK, so I had to squeeze in another pic of the local Moab desert blossoms.  This one was on top of a cactus that was really getting into the spring thing.  At full resolution, the picture is very neat looking.


This is typically how the trail runs start....a discussion of what is happening and some page flipping through the Well's trail guide book.  You find a group of folks you are comfortable with and are willing to run a trail that all will have fun on....and when that is all lined up, pick a CB channel, hop in the Jeeps, and head off for a fun filled day. 


I believe my new found Jeepin' buddy, Jay, was the smallest Jeeper at 4AJUMR.  For being just 4 years old, he did pretty darn good on the trail.  His dad, T.Dome and his grandpa, Dome, drove down from Washington state to join in the week's festivities.  Jay is one rock chucking little Jeeper.  I am thinking he needs to drive a bull dozer or something like that when he gets bigger!


Da Judge (aka., Al) took me to the top of Launch Pad and then back down.  I've never been on Launch Pad as a passenger.  Pretty you all kinds of time to gaze at the local scenery on the way up and when you are coming down, you can even stop and get a few things off your chest, if you are so inclined.  Pretty cool!


Well folks, that is about it.  I wanted to thank everyone that helped make 4AJUMR what it was....a great time to wheel together with friends and family.  I hope those of you that couldn't make it this year will be able to catch 5AJUMR.  I've no idea who is going to be coordinating it, but I am looking forward to hitting Moab again!  How may days till 5AJUMR?

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