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Moab 2005

We spent the day on Metal Masher.  Here, Joel spots Todd and his quite capable YJ to the top of Rock Chucker.  Joel had just climbed to the top of this optional obstacle.  His YJ is in the background.

Ernie was the only long wheel base member of our week long group.  He drove his Commanche every where we went and once again managed to get a rocker panel (I think it was on a ledge on Golden Spike if I remember correctly).  We got this picture of him as we worked his way down Moab Rim with a light drizzle of rain coming down.  He is just clearing the Devil's Crack.

Mike finishes up the bottom leg of the Z-turn on Moab Rim (same drizzle coming down as in Ernie's pic).  While it doesn't look very tough here, his left front tire is about to drop into a sizable hole.  The last part of this obstacle puts you off-camber to the driver's side.....drop your front tire into a hole....hit the brakes when it surprises you....OOPS.....over you go (seen pics of those that followed that very recipe for a roll over).  Mike and the rest of the group navigated it all without incident.

Before Sunday's rain started in the afternoon, I snapped a picture of the Moab Rim crew as we paused after clearing the Z-Turn while coming up the nasty mile.  There is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee (I like mine black, please), weather  that require you to wear a jacket, and a lot of barking tires on the off-camber slick rock as you work your way to the top of the rim.  Watch your step....its a long way down to the highway below.

No trail report with pics is complete without at least one good rear view mirror photo.  I caught Trina creeping around a rock along the edge of Moab Rim.  Don't swing too wide on that turn or it may be your last one! 

We all just finished crossing the Golden Crack....probably THE most photographed obstacle on the trail.   While Mike was taking a picture of the group, we decided he didn't have enough crack more certainly wouldn't hurt, right?   Hey, did anyone see my contact lens? 

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