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Moab 2005

Speaking of the Golden Crack, here is a picture of Steve getting his TJ over the crack.  He got half way across and kind of didn't go any further.  After consulting the FAQ, we determined that the rear ARB should be engaged.  Once it was, forward progress was restored and Steve made fast work of this obstacle.

Mark pilots his TJ up Launch Pad, another landmark obstacle on the Golden Spike Trail.  No, this picture is NOT exaggerated.....this is just how it is.  You line up at the bottom of the slickrock fin, point your vehicle straight ahead, and grab a big bunch of sky for about 10~12 seconds while you claw your way to the top.  It's not bad until you hit the bump that is about 3/4 of the way to the top....but don't nail it too hard....wheelies at this point are NOT a good option.

Ernie decides that Tim is not getting enough air coming out of the Wedgie, another popular obstacle on the Poison Spider  Mesa trail.  So he does what any helpful Jeeper would do....he grabs the front bumper and pushes up on it just to make sure Steve's pucker factor reached its limit.  Gotta love friends like that, right?

The parking lot (aka., Jeeper air down spot) at the start of the Poison Spider Mesa trail.  We grouped up here for last minute adjustments (change shock settings, do the disconnects, lock hubs, let some air out of the tire, etc.) before we headed out for the longest trail of our trip, the Golden Spike.  To run the Spike, you run about a 1/3 of Poison Spider Mesa, cut over to the Golden Spike, and finish up running the Gold Bar Rim trail backwards.  Makes for a long day with a good sized group, but it is always fun.

Trina gave Jill a ride up Widow Maker.....she is getting in position at the base of the rock.  Widow Maker is one of the notable obstacles on the Metal Masher Trail.  We all took a turn on the end of the stap.  About 6 of us got on the strap and helped Joel (first up) to the top of the rock ledge and then one by one we strapped the next vehicle up.  This is one obstacle that favors a longer wheel based vehicle.


Hey, here is one of me, starting up the Z-Turn on Moab Rim.  This was the first year I ran the Moab trails with my half doors and a soft top.  I really enjoyed the TJ set up in that fashion.  We carried the upper doors in the rear, secure in a Raingler Net that was slung from the roll bar.  Worked great! 


Well, that is about it.  There are dozens and dozens more pictures of the group but I've not got the space to put them all up here.  I hope you've enjoyed browsing a few select pics from the week's activities. 

Hope you can make it next spring when the 6th Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run hits the trails again!


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