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The Cracks

I got an e-mail from a local AZVJC club member who also happens to be my tire guy at the Discount Tire store that I frequent.  He asked if I wanted to join him and a few friends for a run at the Cracks.  The Cracks are a good 3+ hour drive from my place but it was going to be one of the last weekends to run it before the summer heat came to stay.  I set the alarm clock for o'dark:30 and was gassed and heading down the freeway with the two dogs in back by 6:00 AM.  After a few stops to let the dogs do their relief thing, I caught up to the group as they waited on the trail for one other person.  I quickly aired down and slipped the t-case into 4:1 for some Moab style fun.  Moab???  Yeah, the neat thing about the Cracks is that if you didn't know better, you would swear you were wheelin' on some of the Moab trails.  The landscape is quite similar and the rocks bark the MT/Rs just like the sandstone at Moab.  One of the wives has even stenciled some white lizards onto the rocks to mark the trail, just like you see on various slickrock trails at Moab. 

Well, now you see why it is called "The Cracks".  A large part of the area is sliced and diced like this with big cracks running through the bedrock.  Some are pretty small and others are pretty big.  This one was kind of average in size. 


In some cases, the cracks are big enough that trees grow out of them....and you could easily drop your Jeep into one too!  OOPS!   Every now and then, the narrow deep cracks will catch an unsuspecting animal, such as a young calf.  The animal will drop down several feet, wedged between the sides of the crack.  You can imagine what the end result is.  Hey, no one ever said Mother Nature was a sweet ol' gal.  You'll see the bones (if you look hard enough) as you wander around.

A couple of the short buses that were in the group.  I believe my buddy from Discount Tire was driving one of them and I his son was piloting the other. 

Coming down off one of the many ledges that make up the trail.  Like I said, very typical of ledges you would find at Moab, like on the Gold Bar Rim or Golden Spike trails.

More Cracks

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