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The Cracks


In some of the larger cracks (the ones you can drop several vehicles in to), the local birds of prey may build a nest, as was done here.  We saw one circling around while we were near the nest.  Sorry, I don't know what it was (falcon, hawk, etc.)...but it was pretty good sized.

One of the folks managed to get far enough over the ledge to snap this picture of the nestlings.  When they thought we were gone, they got pretty vocal, crying for their parents and most likely wanting something to eat.  Heck, it was near lunch time and I was getting hungry myself! 

We found one crack that looked as though it could be crossed.  This is JimF, a good friend of mine, giving it a try.  I love the photo angle here as it makes it look like it is almost impossible to cross (and when you drive it, you really believe it!).

So pretty soon it was my turn to take a try at this crack.  Someone was nice enough to snap a few pics as I went across.


Half way across....I paused to snap a picture of the "crack dwellers".  They are kind of like bag people only they hang out in groups in the cracks.  Actually, the guy closest to me is Rick, my buddy from the tire shop.  He was shooting some crack video. 

Oh yeah....almost got the rear clear of the crack.  If you are off to the driver's side just a bit too far, you'll drop a tire into the abyss and then you will be in a situation that won't be fun.


Syra and Angle take a break in the shade.  This was near the end of May and we were having abnormally high temps.  By mid-day, the rocks and dirt were heating up.....a tough go for the dogs.  They rode back to camp with me in the back of the TJ and we called it a day.  Ledges had been climbed and cracks were crossed....good times were shared with friends (and dogs) just don't get any better than that.

Thanks to Erik for leading the run and to Rick for the invite....and thanks to whoever snapped the pics that I acquired from someone's on-line photo folder (maybe JimF's).

Here is a short clip of video that was taken during the run. 


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