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6th Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run


And a few photos of some VERY happy prize winners!


Tire deflator


Fog lights


Air tank


Leather jacket


Beverage/food cooler


Magnetic flashlight


CD case


This year, we had a "grand prize" drawing at the very end of the evening.  The prize was a 12,000 pound winch donated by 4 Wheel Drive Hardware.  The tickets were placed into a tin.  With the lid in place, the tin was shaken to mix up the tickets.  Jay, an almost 7 year old Jeeper, selected the winning ticket.  It was Donna's, my wife.

She thought about it for a few seconds and then reached into the tin and drew another ticket which she announced as the winning ticket.  Donna smiled and said there was no way the winch would fit on her Kia Optima.  I was quite proud of her.....she is a real Jeeper, without a doubt.  Donna believes in what goes around, comes around.....and so do I. 



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