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7th Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run


The flags for this year came to us compliments of Tim and Steve.....they brought them all the way down from Washington state.  There is a story behind of those situations Tim wasn't sure if we were going to have the flags or not.  But it all worked out just fine and I for one really like the design.  Although I am not 100% certain, I think the idea came from a little guy driving a TJ across Table Top Mesa from several years ago.  He was quite the wheeler. 

This little fella joined Donna and myself at Moab.  His name is Smokey but I usually call him Man Dog.  He is the most recent addition to our household.  In February, Donna found this little 7 week old pup in the church parking lot in poor physical condition.  Intestinal parasites, skin fungus on about 20 % of his body, malnutrition, etc....and the outside temps were dipping below 30 degrees at that time.  At 5 months, he now is a very healthy 25 pounds and ready to take on anything Moab has to offer.  The first couple of days in the Jeep were kind of tough (motion sickness) but by week's end, it wasn't phasing him a bit.  He had his sea legs and was up for the challenge.

Hey....check it out.  I'm not leading this run!  (I actually dodged that bullet several times this year.)   At the head is Tom, leading us into Eagle's Dare, an awesome trail that has an insanely steep (and long) slick rock climb.  I met Tom (and Clyde and Roy) at Troy's earlier this year when Clyde was arranging to get some work done on his Jeep.  We kept in touch and when I got to Moab, Tom and the guys were kind enough to take us on a couple of trails, Eagle's Dare, Pickle, and Mash Potatoes.  All of us loved the knew trails and I look forward to returning the favor later this year when they come down to the Phoenix area for some winter wheelin'. 

Although I've missed one or two opportunities, I always enjoy going to the top of Moab Rim and wheelin' back to the sand hill for lunch with my friends.  This year, just about everyone in Wednesday's group had never been up to the rim....and some of these folks have been coming to the JU runs for quite a few years.  So we crawled our way to the top of Moab Rim for some good old fun.  Here is a photo of us coming down.  I had spotter duty.....that was fine with me.  Rolling up here just isn't fun and I didn't want to be late for the pot luck dinner either! 

If memory serves me correctly, this was called Bashful Crack.  It was near the end of Mash Potatoes.  Tom spotted me through it and afterwards, I returned the favor.  Lots of opportunity to flex the suspension a bit.  A misplaced tire could result in some body damage. 

A view from the lookout at Top of the World trail.  The last time I was here, we drove up in a light snow storm.  We had a few rain sprinkles this time and caught a bit of sleet further down the mountain on the way back to the highway. 


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