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7th Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run


This was taken about two-thirds of the way coming down Moab Rim.  Yes, there is a parking lot down there next to the road.  This trail gives you a birds eye view of the Colorado flowing by. 

I work on getting to the top of one of the waterfalls on Pickle.  Tom took us on this trail and I felt very much at home as it was much like those we run here in central Arizona. 

Here is one of our group at the top of the same waterfall as shown in the previous photo.  A couple of rocks at the bottom helped make the stretch to the top.  The rock on the passenger side managed to catch a couple of front fenders....if you weren't far enough over to the driver's side before starting the assault to the top.

An easy section of Flat Iron Mesa trail.  Smokey enjoyed this trail quite a bit based on the amount of time he spent sleeping in the back of the TJ.  He would roll around as I went up and over the rocks and ledges.....didn't seem to mind a bit.

Donna took a few flora and fauna photos during the trip.  Most likely this is a pretty weed of some type....but none the less, it makes the somewhat bleak landscape a bit more colorful. 


A view from the edge of the canyon as seen from the Flat Iron Mesa trail.  About 8 of us ran this on Friday, our last day in Moab.  Donna and I hadn't been on this trail before.  It is rated towards at the bottom of the difficult section in the Well's book.  It was a good trail for the last day in Moab given we had to drive our TJ home the next day.....breaking something the day before heading for home is the reason we usually hit the harder trails early in the week.

I hope you enjoyed these pics from 7AJUMR.  Many thanks to all of our friends for helping make such great memories.  We look forward to next year and the chance to see you all again! 


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