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Round #2

On Saturday morning, I headed over to Toyboxoffroad to pick up my first shipment of parts.  Damon had given me a call earlier in the week to let me know they had arrived.  In this first shipment were to be my Procomp 4" springs and the RE rear adjustable trac bar and bracket.  I had also received a set of RE fixed lowers from Brent, a Jeepin' buddy in Tucson.  He dropped them into the system earlier in the week and they arrived a couple of days ago.  After retrieving the parts from the shop, I stopped back at the house to unload them.  I was curious to see the springs so I had to stop and dig them out of the two boxes they were shipped in (fronts and rears). 

Here is a side by side of the front and rear springs.  The Procomp 4" springs, after installed are suppose to give you a 4" lift.  This is quite a bit different than the RE and Tera lifts, where there 4.5" lifts come in usually a good 1" higher than advertised.

Here is a pic that shows a 4.5" RE spring on the left and my new 4" Procomp spring on the right.  Joe West, a local Phoenix area Jeeper, gave me his old RE rear springs when I was first starting out on this project.  As you can see, they are just a bit shorter (now) than the Procomp spring.  Joe had removed them from his TJ as they were sagging too much.  I have no idea how long they are when they are brand new, but right now, they are less than 16".

Here is the items that came in today.  Those are some healthy control arms.  I am looking forward to getting started on this lift....but gotta wait until the rest of the parts come in.  My Tera parts for the t-case will be in next week and I should have the rest of my RE arms and the front trac bar by then.

I was also able to hook up with DesertJeeper (aka., Larry) this past weekend. The above picture shows a set of RE upper adjustable control arms that I got from him.  In conjunction with the RE fixed lower arms, I'll be using these two sets to dial in the correct pinion angle on the rear axle so as to have no vibrations from the rear drive shaft.

Here is the last bunch of parts that I picked up (about 10 days after the first batch of RE parts).  The adjustable front trac bar with new mounting hardware, rear sway bar extension links, front and rear bump stop extensions, and adjustable front upper control arms.  I drove over to Toyboxoffroad to meet Daemon, since he has been so helpful in getting my parts at a good price.  I guess the benefit to meeting the boss is the nice looking t-shirt he tossed in with the parts.  My wife smiled when I told her I got a new shirt.....and then  proceeded to my point to my dresser and ask where I was going to put it....oh well, such is life! 


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