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Round #2

The RS-9000 shocks were sitting on the floor of the garage in their boxes.  I had pulled them out the other night to get the extended and compressed measurements from them.  It was time to slip them into place.  The Tera shock relocators had been installed on the rear lower shock mounts and I had a pair of JKS bar pin eliminators ready to hook up with the rear shocks.  

I grabbed a couple of wrenches and proceeded to get down to business.  I am removing a front Doetsch Tech shock in the above photo.  One nut at the top of the shock and a pair of bolts at the bottom had the shock out in no time.

Once the front shock was removed, I pulled the bar pin from it and inserted it into a front shock.  I remember the fun Alan and I had when we did the first lift and had to recycle these bar pins.  They were vulcanized (as best we could tell) into the factory shocks.  A propane torch and a utility knife were two of the prime tools used to free them that time.  In this install, I pulled them out with a pair of pliers....a much easier task this time.  After the bar pin was pushed into place, the shock was installed along with its twin at the other end of the front axle.

For the rear shocks, I had purchased a pair of JKS Bar Pin Eliminators, one of which is shown an exploded view.  They come with both metric and SAE bolts, since the folks that built our Jeeps happened to mix and match them depending on what year you have.  You'll see in the next photo how to assemble them onto the shock.

Slide the shock onto the bar pin and slip the end block into place.  You can use either a vise or a c-clamp to gently squeeze the blocks together.  You need compress them just enough until the drift pin lines up with the hole in the bar pin.

Gently tap the pin flush into the block.  This will lock the end block into place and keep it all together once you release the pressure holding it together.  I checked the bolts that were holding in the old shocks and determined they were metric.  So I tossed the other 4 bolts into the "nuts and bolts" can in Lady's storage box for use on the trail.  

Here is a picture of the JKS bar pin eliminators securely bolted into place.  Not much room up there, but I had no problem getting them in place.  Since these are Allen head screws, I opened the tool box to grab a 6mm Allen on a 3/8" drive socket.  Of course, Murphy got involved and I discovered that the little clip of metric Allen sockets did NOT include one for 6mm....go figure!  I picked one up later at Sears and will torque them down a bit more than what I could get with a regular Allen wrench.


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