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Power Steering Pump Pulley

Once the puller has extracted the pulley from the pump shaft, remove the puller's parts from the pulley.  Congratulations, you are done!


At some point, you will need to install a pulley onto a pump.  If you don't have one, a pulley installer can be made with a bolt, nut, and a flat washer.   The pulley puller I bought came with an installer so let's take a look at how this one works.  When you see the pics, it should be pretty easy to see how a nut, bolt, and washer would work for this task.


This is the installer that came with my puller.  Nothing much to it.  The bolt portion has two different diameters and both are threaded.  The section at the end of the bolt matches the diameter and thread pitch that is tapped into the power steering pump shaft.

To install the pulley, place it squarely on the pump shaft and thread the installer into the pump shaft until it bottoms out.  (Note that the pulley in the above pic is upside down.  I was not paying all that close attention as I was setting this up to take the pics.)

Now just wrench the nut tight while holding the pulley in place.  It will draw the pulley onto the pump shaft. 

Continue tightening the installer until the pulley is flush with the pump shaft.  The installer can not be tightened any further once the the pulley and pump shaft are flush with each other so there is not need to worry about over tightening.

Well, that is it.  Now you know how to remove and install a power steering pump pulley.  As I said at the beginning of this write-up, it is very straight forward.  The puller is a must have (rent it for free from AutoZone if you have one nearby) but the installer can be made from the proper diameter bolt, nut, and flat washer.  Good luck on your project.




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