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Rear Disc Brake Conversion


Next, it was time to assemble the e-brake components onto the dust shield.  Yours might look a bit different, depending on which shoes you end up with.  There are some shoes that can be interchanged between the 8.8 Ford Explorer axle and the Grand Cherokee setup.  The ones in this photo happened to be Explorer shoes and springs.  We eventually made a little modification to the shoes, where they engage the actuating cam.  We also removed the dual top springs and replaced them with a single spring from a Grand Cherokee brake hardware kit.  We could have left these in didn't make much difference.  

Here is a close up of the brake shoe adjuster....commonly called a "star" adjuster.  There is a little rubber plug between the star that can be removed for adjustment access (after the assembly is installed on the vehicle).  Note that the spring actually engages the star adjuster and prevents it from moving from vibrations, etc.

Of course, about the time we need to work on getting things bolted to the end of the axle flange, some rain clouds move in and dampen things up just a bit.  It was a bit after noon and we decided now would be a good time to take a break and go find some lunch.  "Say, ahhhh.....could we take that white tow rig to the restaurant?  I'm thinking the TJ won't get too far."


We wrapped up lunch and got back to work (notice the sunshine in the above pic!).  We got a little break from the weather and decided to see if we could slip a brake assembly onto the axle.  We slipped the bracket over the 3/8" "studs" we had made and put on some regular nuts, just temporarily, while we checked out how things were fitting together.  I should comment here that we did just a little countersink on the 10x24 screw hole that we drilled earlier (at the 6 o'clock position just below the center hole).  You don't want the screw head sticking up and interfering with the retainer plate.  Everything must fit nice and flush.


We removed  the 10x24 screw from bracket and drilled the hole all the way through the axle flange.  You can see the hole being tapped in this pic.  This was an easy enough way to handle the excess threads from the screw that were sticking out of the back of the caliper bracket.  It only took a minute to do and worked just fine.  You can also see the new e-brake cable in the above photo.  It is not yet attached to the back of the caliper bracket.  When the 10x24 screw is put back in and the four temporary nuts are removed from the studs, everything would get a little loose while attempting to put the axle shaft back into place.  You can see why this little screw is so handy. 


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