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TJ Front Drive Shaft Overhaul



Well, that is about it.  The rest of the time was spent putting everything back together once I had made sure that everything was properly greased.  Here is the CV joint after it has been cleaned and assembled.



Here is the front diff end of the drive shaft.  Check out those shiny blue dust seals....pretty cool.  I decided to try this one with a grease zirk (actually, I bought the u-joint about two years ago) so at least I'll be able to keep it well lubed.

That about wraps this project up.  Basically, taking the front drive shaft apart is pretty straight forward.  All you have to do is push out bearing caps (until you are blue in the face!).  Next time I'll probably have to replace the u-joints and centering ball.  This time I got by OK with just some time used up on a Saturday morning.


Note:  Here is a write-up for changing out the centering ball assembly. 

Note:  Here is some additional information for changing out individual parts of the centering ball assembly and also the part numbers for rebuilding a Rubicon front drive shaft.

Note:  Here is some information on the grease used for u-joint lubrication. 




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