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Extended Thread Lug Nuts


One thing I noticed after installing the Warn hub conversion was the length of the wheel studs.  The mounting surface on my aluminum wheels are thicker than steel wheels.  As such, I didn't have as much thread engagement on the wheel studs as I would have liked.  I spoke to Rick, my local tire guy at Discount Tire, and he ordered some ET (extended thread) style lug nuts for me. 


The middle lug nut in the picture is the lug nut I had been using on my wheels.  As you can see, the overall length of the ET lug nut is the same as the regular lug nut.  The arrow points to the threaded section of the lug nut that allows it to engage more of the threads on the wheel stud.  It has an extended neck that allows more thread engagement while allowing the tapered shoulder to properly engage the wheel. 

Before I installed the new lug nuts, I removed one of the wheels from the vehicle.  I then inserted the ET lug into one of the holes in the wheel and checked to see that it did NOT extend through the wheel and out the other side.  I was OK....mine were about 1/16" short of coming out the other side.  If they do extended through, do NOT use them as you will not be able to properly tighten your lug nuts to secure the wheel to the axle. 

These ET lug nuts also solved the same problem I was having on my rear axle since converting to rear disc brakes. 


Update 08/06/2006:

I've been asked on and off for a source or part numbers for the above ET lug nuts.  I got RickB, my tire guy, to give me a couple of links.  Links being links, I've no idea how long these will stay valid (some companies change web contents fairly often).  But the primary site name will be around for a long time so you still can look them up at their home page and then search for the ET lug nuts on their site.  Here are two links RickB sent me:




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