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Warn Hub Maintenance

I grabbed one of the new inner bearings that I had picked up at the NAPA store and spent a few minutes hand packing the bearing.  I had picked up a new tub of Valvoline disc brake wheel bearing grease.  It's important, in my opinion, that you properly pack the bearing either by hand or using a bearing packing tool.  Either way, pack that bearing nice and full of grease. 



With the inner bearing sitting in the pressed in race, the grease seal is next to go into position.  I liberally greased the inner area of the seal and put a good film on the rubber surface where it would contact the spindle.


With the seal squarely sitting in the hub, I took my handy-dandy seal pusher inner tool and did just that, pushed the seal into the hub.  A few taps with the hammer set it properly into position.  I was almost done! 



Before the hub was slipped back over the spindle, I applied a thin film of wheel bearing grease to the shank of the spindle.  The outer bearing was set into position after it too was packed with grease (using the same method as was done on the inner bearing).


When you put the inner locking nut on, be sure the side with the small pin is facing outwards, away from the hub. 

From here, follow the process previously covered for installing the lock washer and lock nuts. 

That is about it for the hub maintenance project.  It you made it this far, I guess there must have been some motivation behind your doing it (or you had a problem going to sleep and was just up surfing the internet).  I hope you have picked up some helpful information in this write-up. 

Good trails and remember to TREADLightly!




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