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Superior Axle and Gears Super88 Kit
by Tim Doumit



This is my head with a L.E.D. headlight. If the power goes out and I have to find my hacksaw and file I am set! Really, its one of the best tools I have. I don't wear it to bed or to dinner, I think it would make my bride angry.



The rotors may be stuck on the old shafts and so you will have to tap them with something. This rubber dead blow hammer is perfect for this. I chose to do it on the door mat so I wouldn't damage the threads on the studs. True, I could never use these shafts on my current 8.8 again but, I have a good friend who I have poisoned with the thoughts of having his own Ford 8.8 someday. I will keep them long enough to make sure his find doesn't have anything wobbling that shouldn't wobble (or until his Super 88 is installed). I am betting it will be found in a salvage yard. Bent shafts are like a social disease in the "pick-a-part".

Here is an opportunity to inspect and replace worn brake parts. If you have your "Jeep minion" at your side, send him/her with a list to the local parts monkey for your needed items. It will be a while before you get back to the brakes anyways.

Now is a good time to stuff a clean, lint free rag in each axle tube end to keep metal shavings and debris out.

The caliper bracket comes off with a 14mm socket. Don't worry, it all comes off in one piece so you don't need to pull springs, shoes, etc... The back side has nuts with a retainer on them so you don't need a wrench back there. I just zipped them right off with my impact. The caliper bracket will hang nicely out of the way. Get yourself a small catch basin like a coffee can or something to catch busted parts and diff fluid. Once you pull that seal off, there will be fluid running out the end of the axle tube.



Pry that bearing cage up with a pick or small flat head screw driver then yank it out with some pliers. A magnet works good to get the roller bearings out. Now this is the part where you can move along quick like a dragonfly or slow like a chick movie. You will want that slide hammer. So forgo the frustration and come back when you have it. The alternative is a chisel and a smashed hand from each time you hit it with the hammer.



I made my own out of a 1" diameter shaft (solid steel) and a bolt. It worked real well except the bolt doesn't look as happy and youthful as it did before the abuse.



Cutting off the snout....
This is the most critical step for a successful installation. Take great care in doing this correctly. The snout must be cut down exactly even and flush with the existing caliper bracket centering shoulder.

Here I am (in above photo) trying to hurt myself while cutting off the snout. Again, make sure you leave the shoulder for the housing end adapter to mount upon and seal. Make accurate cuts and take your time. Most of all, be safe in this awkward cutting position. You can use a file or a "tiger disc" flap style wheel on your grinder to bring the edge down flush and square with the shoulder you need to keep for mounting and sealing purposes. Take a round file, emery cloth or a de-burring tool and clean up the inner edge to help with the next step.



All cleaned up and ready to mount up the housing end adapter. This area should be free of all rust and corrosion at this point. A wire wheel or brush will make short work of this. 

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