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U-Joint Replacement
by Steve (a.k.a. Jeeper)

16. Insert the U-Joint into the yoke.
17. Place one cap at one end and move the U-Joint into the cap so that you don't shift or lose the needle bearings.
18. Place the Yoke back onto the solid object and tap on the new cap with the BFH while making sure that the U-Joint stays within the cap you are tapping on.       You do not need to pound it completely in place.
19. Turn the yoke over and place the other cap into the yoke and lightly tap it with the hammer so that you don't lose the needle bearing on this side.
20. Use a "C" clamp to compress both caps into place.


21. You will need to use the socket and hammer to seat them properly so that you can install the new snap rings.


22. Install the snap rings. A flat head screwdriver helps to make sure that they are in their proper place.
23. Install the drive shaft the opposite of how you took it out!

Tools used:
1. Tape (duct or Electrical)
2. Snap ring pliers or needle nose
3. Flat head screw driver
4. socket
5. BFH  (really big hammer)
6. C-Clamp
7. 5/16" deep sell socket
8. cleaner


Well, I am by no-means a mechanic so if some of you reading this see something I missed or can explain it better, please feel free to do so. All in all this was about a 25 minute job and that included taking notes and snapping pics.

Hope this helps!





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