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Alloy USA Axle Tube Seals

You'll need to remove each front wheel in order to install the axle tube seals.  For these kind of jobs, I have a small set of 2 ton jack stands.  They fit nicely under the front axle with the help of a floor jack and allow me to raise the front axle enough to get the tires off of the ground.  Be sure to use a jack stand (you can do just one side at a time as I did) as you don't want to trust a floor or bottle jack as your only support.  And please, do not use cinder blocks if you don't have jack stands.  Simply put, they are NOT strong enough to do the job and injuring yourself simply isn't an option when wrenching on your vehicle.


With the tire removed from the driver's side, slide the brake rotor off of the wheel studs.  The next item on the list to remove was the brake caliper.  The 13mm socket works fine for this.  There are two bolts located near the top and bottom of the caliper that must be removed.


If your caliper is stubborn to remove once the two bolts are out, use a small pry bar or a big screwdriver to help coax it off of the rotor.



Set the caliper out of the way.  Using the twelve point 13mm socket (or wrench), remove the three bolts on the back side of the knuckle that hold the unit bearing (or hub) in place.  With the three bolts removed, the unit bearing (or hub) can now be removed.  Grasp the rotor and pull straight out and away from the knuckle. 

Once the bolts are removed, you may find yourself in a situation where the unit bearing assembly doesn't want to come out of the knuckle.  It's not uncommon for the unit bearing to become rusted into the knuckle.  If this happens to you, the easiest method, by far, is to follow these instructions.  If you don't, you are making life much more difficult than it needs to be. 


Here is the business end of the steering knuckle with the unit bearing (or hub) removed.  Hopefully your axle tube isn't too dirty.  I had my front axle apart this past year and when it was, I took the opportunity to clean out the axle tubes.  If you have a bunch of debris in yours, you'll need to determine the best method to clean it out.  Remember, there is a big hole way down there where your axle shaft goes through the shaft seal and into the differential.  You do NOT want to get carried away with an air or water hose.  At a minimum, clean the first couple of inches at the axle tube opening as you want to ensure the RTV will adhere well to the axle tube. 

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