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PC Desktop Backgrounds

OK, so I am not the most graphical person.  But every now and then, I manage to come up with something that ends up becoming my PC desktop background.....at least until something better comes along.  So now you know why I take so many digital pictures and actually create so few graphics from scratch.

That being said, I shall attempt to submit something, every now and again, that is worthy of gracing your PC's desktop.  After you open the full sized image, right click on the graphic and select "Save As...".  From there, it is up to you to get it onto your PC's desktop.

I try to create the backgrounds at a high resolution so they won't look grainy if you have to stretch them a bit to fill your viewing resolution. 


Jeep - There is only one  70KB
version 1

Jeep - There is only one  141KB
version 2

Jeep - There is only one  663KB
version 3

stu-offroad.com  1.5MB

Dusy-Ershim Trail  1.3MB




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