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stu-offroad.com has been on line for nearly 20 years and has a solid user following in the Jeep offroad community.  The site is unique in that I sell nothing nor offer discussion forums.  People do not come here to socialize, they come to learn how to fix their Jeep, upgrade their rig, or see what is available for their next mod.  stu-offroad.com provides the user with a wealth of Jeep TJ related content.  The site specializes in do-it-yourself projects and explains the how and why for doing them.  Be it routine maintenance for your engine or drive train, a 4 speed auto tranny swap, or a complete suspension install, stu-offroad.com provides you with first hand write-ups packed with quality photos.  From electrical upgrades (ranging from LED tail lights to 12 volt on board air systems) to bumpers and rocker guards, stu-offroad.com offers those that visit a great Jeep experience.

Since late 2006, when the site first hit the #1 spot on Google, stu-offroad.com held one of the top 3 spots for  "jeep tj" search returns for over 7 years.  The site also holds a Google rating of 3.  Check some of the other popular offroad sites and see how their Google ratings compare. 

With Microsoft's June '09 release of Bing.com (which they hope to be the Google giant killer), stu-offroad.com returns in the #1 position from over 1,000,000 Jeep TJ search results. 

As I write this, the first 5 months of 2009 have experienced a 5~18% growth rate over the past two years alone.  At last count, there were over 250 product reviews and install write-ups available for all to use.  Including select off-road video content, the site has nearly 2 GB online.

Your banner ads, sized 468x60 (same size as the ones above), can be displayed on the site.  Rates for 6 and 12 months are available upon request.  Contact Stu directly at stuo@stu-offroad.com for pricing details.  Site traffic data also available upon request. 





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