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Heated Seats for a Jeep


I left the switch until last as I was deciding location.  I chose the flat area to the right of my switches and cigarette lighter.  Using the template provided, I used a Dremel with a cut off wheel and cut a hole matching the template.  You may have to use a grinding tip to round it off nicely.


Clean the plastic with the provided wipes.  Once complete you can insert the cable through the new hole and stick the switch to the plastic.  Then attach the bezel around the switch.  Attach the cable to the junction block and you are ready to close things up.  Make sure all wires are tied up and not obstructing anything, this is critical under the seats, you do not want to run over your electric cable for your seats when you move them.  Reattach the cigarette lighter assembly, the AC controls if removed, the bezel and the top strip.  Reattach the battery cable.  You are now ready to test out your heated seats.

JK installation would be very similar, instructions for the JK come with the Mopar Kit.




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